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  • In a create-react-app project that uses TypeScript, modify your tsconfig.json file to look like this:
    • React, Typescript, Absolute import
  • If you import SVG file in React Typescript file, for example, the following codes snippet... Cannot find module '../../assets/logo.svg'.
    • React, Typescript, SVG, CRA, Create-react-app
  • In Create React App V2.0, you can use scss module / css module. If you use scss module in Typescript file e.g. React Typescript Component, firstly let me show you an example how to use scss module in Typescript file.
    • React, Typescript, Scss, Css3, scss module, css module
  • In React, when integrating your application with Third Party Script,  You need to add some custom attribute to the HTML tag sometime.  Custom attribute will cause an issue if you are using typescript.
    • React, Next.js, Typescript, HTML5, HTMLAttributes
  • TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript.
    • React, Typescript, Create-react-app, CRA
  • This Technical Stack Guidelines Example is Front-end Client Side Rendering Solution (CSR).
    • React, Javascript, ES6, Typescript, Modern Front-end
  • Multiple technical positions are opening in  Accenture Finland.Future Health & Public Sector Tech Consultants. AI Developers, Emerging & Growth Technology Lead Architect, Data Scientist ...
    • React, Accenture
  • When you create sticky header or sticky UI components, probably you can think to use pure css solution ...
    • React, Javascript, Typescript, React Hooks, Sticky
  • What do you need to know and learn as a Front-end web developer in 2020? Front-end technology stack are changing rapidly. Aim to be a Front-end Developer, what do you need to learn in 2020 ?
    • React, Javascript, Typescript, Front-end Developer, Modern Front-end stack, Front-end
  • We use the  useEffect() hook to simulate  componentDidMount and componentDidUpdate, but it seems like useEffect() is being ran after every render, even the first time.
    • React, Javascript, Typescript, React Hooks, useEffect
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